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Crystal Wine Preservation Set
Crystal Wine Preservation Set
Crystal Wine Preservation Set
Crystal Wine Preservation Set
Crystal Wine Preservation Set
Crystal Wine Preservation Set
Wine Squirrel

Crystal Wine Preservation Set

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A new way to wine.

For those times when you just want one glass. The Crystal Wine Preservation Set lets you savor your favorite bottle. This is the only decanter on the market that creates an airtight seal for your wine, so it stays fresh until you're ready for the next pour.


  • Wine Squirrel can keep your wine fresh for up to 4 weeks. (The precise length of time will vary accordingly to the wine as each wine is unique)
  • Can hold a capacity of 750 mL or a standard bottle of wine; it's designed to preserve a maximum of about 600 mL
  • Dimensions: 10" in Height x 3" in Diameter

How to use:

  1. Pour the wine into the decanter
  2. Insert the seal into the decanter and push down until it reaches the level of the wine
  3. Engage the seal by turning the knob clockwise and store the decanter in a cool place, ideally in the fridge 
  4. To serve, just turn the knob anti-clockwise, remove the seal, and pour the wine 


Wine Squirrel is made entirely of BPA free materials: high quality lead-free crystal 

Use & Care

  • Keep the Wine Squirrel preserved wine in the fridge as wine keeps better for longer at cooler temperatures. 
  • You should not use the Wine Squirrel decanter to preserve sparkling wine. The pressure build up is too large.
  • The Wine Squirrel seal and handle should never be put in the dishwasher as heat can demagnetize the magnets. All it needs is a rinse, best done immediately after removing the seal from the decanter. Remember to put the plug in the seal to prevent water getting inside. Hand washing is also recommended for the Wine Squirrel decanter. 

About the Brand

Just opened a bottle of your favorite red wine, but want to savor it for the entire week? Let the Wine Squirrel seal in the flavor and depth of the wine with its unique patented sealing mechanism – an airtight seal whether you want to preserve one glass or most of the bottle. Wine for days (or weeks!) The Wine Squirrel is a beautiful crystal decanter that keeps your wine fresh by providing an oxygen-free environment. We have tested this extensively using different types of red and white wine. 

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