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The Mason Tap Kit
The Mason Tap Kit
The Mason Tap Kit
The Mason Tap Kit

The Mason Tap Kit

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With a stainless steel Mason Tap pour spout and three Mason glass jars, this kit has all the tools you need to create flavorful oils, spirits, waters, and juices at home.


W&P is an innovative food and beverage design company based in Brooklyn, New York. Composed of a growing group of individuals passionate about the intersection of food and design, W&P is on a mission to bring new ideas to life in the form of new (sometimes crazy) products. These products will make your everyday encounters with food and drinks more approachable, more functional, and most importantly, more fun! Our Return Policy


Kit components:

  • The Mason tap
  • 32 oz Mason jar
  • 16 oz Mason jar
  • 8 oz Mason jar


Glass, stainless steel 


Mason jar assembled in the USA

The Mason Tap is a patented design