Tabletop Smoker
Tabletop Smoker
Tabletop Smoker
Tabletop Smoker
Tabletop Smoker
Tabletop Smoker
Tabletop Smoker

Tabletop Smoker

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Cook your favorite smokey foods whenever you want, wherever you want. With this portable, small smoker, smoking your own meats, nuts, and cheeses at home has never been so easy. The Tabletop Smoker gives you delicious smoked food in just 10 minutes.


Height: 22 cm, 8.66 in

Width: 23 cm, 9.05 in

Length: 18 cm, 7.08


Lid: Stainless Steel 

Body: Iron

Use & Care

Carefully read the instruction manual prior to initial use. During or after cooking always wear dry, heat-resistant gloves or mittens. Place the product securely in the middle of a heating device, ensuring that the smoker will be stable after food is placed inside. When using indoors, insure proper ventilation by placing the smoker near a working extractor fan. After each use of the smoker, wash it with dish soap and sponge. Rinse and dry thoroughly before storing. Do not wash with rough materials such as wire wool or scouring powder. The color of this product may change with use. This is normal and not indicative of a problem. If rust is found, remove it with a sponge before use. After using the smoker over high heat the body coating may fade or whiten. Wipe with oil using a kitchen towel. Not dishwasher safe. Not microwavable. 

About the Brand

UCHICOOK is dedicated to paving the way for easier and more seamless cooking experience with our innovative approach to household kitchenware. They generate ideas by focusing on improving the customers actual experiences doing common household tasks. To make a real difference in their lives, we continuously examine the small hints and details. Our attention to design, functionality, and innovation provides you, our customer, with nothing but the highest quality products made in Japan. 


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