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Smithey Cast Iron Skillets


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The only cast iron pan you'll ever need. Stunning, non-stick surface, crafted in vintage style. Built to last generations.

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Smithey Cast Iron Skillets
Smithey Cast Iron Skillets
Smithey Cast Iron Skillets
Smithey Cast Iron Skillets
Smithey Cast Iron Skillets


Exclusive pricing for Tastemade audience for a limited time. It's not a skillet; it's an investment in your kitchen that is built to last generations. 

No kitchen is complete without a cast iron skillet, but all too often, the granular, rough, sandpaper-like surface of most cast iron skillets can be difficult to maintain without extensive care. Smithey skillets are our favorite because of their smooth, easy to care for surface, and their ability to be used on all cooktops (induction, electric and gas), as well as in the oven. Cast iron pans are heavy, but this one comes thoughtfully designed with a second carry handle with three holes that act as a grip for your fingers and thumbs when pouring via a built in pour spout. Use it for anything from perfectly fried eggs, seared meat and fish, vegetables - or anything you can imagine.


  • Made in Charleston, South Carolina 
  • Made of pre-seasoned cast iron
  • No. 10 is 10” in diameter and 2” height, weighs 6 pounds
  • No. 12 is 12” in diameter and 2.25” height, weights 7.5 pounds
  • Sourced from Smithey Ironware Co.


This pan is pre-seasoned, but feel free to season it as you please. For best results, use the pan often to keep the cast iron seasoned with cooking oil. To clean, scrub lightly with warm water and only use a tiny bit of dish soap if you need to remove tough food spots. Soft scrapes with a metal spatula or a nylon scouring pad will also help to remove tough spots. Avoid heavy-pressure scrubbing. Make sure to dry the pan thoroughly after each use, followed by a light application of vegetable oil. Do not put the pan in the dishwasher or soak in water. 

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