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Hot Stone Pizza Oven
Hot Stone Pizza Oven

Hot Stone Pizza Oven

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Capture the brick-oven pizza experience right in your kitchen with the Kalorik Red Hot Stone Pizza Oven.


Authentic, brick-oven style pizza made at home in minutes. The dual heating elements and built-in baking stone guarantee a crispy crust and perfectly melted finish every time. From Chicago style deep dish to classic New York thin crust, the adjustable temperature control provides a variety of pizza types to try. 

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Bake a homemade, crispy crust pizza in 4-5 minutes
Ideal for all frozen, pre-baked or fresh dough pizzas
Max diameter of pizza: 12.6"
Pilot light for thermostat
Upper and lower heating elements for a crispy crust and perfectly melted finish
Includes a real removable oven stone to bake pizza evenly and crispy
Large glass window for viewing and controlling baking at all times
Variable temperature control up to 625-680 degrees F
Adjustable temperature offers a better control for different types of pizzas: New York style, Chicago style, thick or thin crust
Pizza cutter and metal pizza paddles included


If using fresh dough, cook pizza dough before placing toppings on

To clean, unplug the appliance from outlet and switch the appliance off by putting the knobs into the 0 position

Let the stone cool down and scrape off any cheese or pizza ingredients that may have fallen onto the stone

Never use cooking oil or any types of detergents to clean the cooking stone

Never immerse the stone in water

Scrape off any excess food with the metal paddles or a stuff bristled brush and wipe clean with a paper towel or clean dishcloth