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Awhai Dinner Plate
Awhai Dinner Plate
Awhai Pottery

Awhai Dinner Plate

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A rustic stoneware plate treated with ocean water - a beautiful addition to your dining room table!


Awhai means “nest” in Chumash, a sacred language in Ojai Valley, California. Emily Brown, creator of Awhai Pottery, calls her pottery studio the nest from which her creativity flows. Awhai pottery is made using a high-fire reduction technique, which means that the kiln environment is deprived of oxygen during the firing of the pots. This technique creates a unique glaze effect and enhances the rustic speckling on the clay body. All Awhai tableware is completely functional and unique, with a form and finish that you will find nowhere else. 

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9.5" in diameter


Food-safe high-fire stoneware with a custom glaze         


Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe

Can be used with metal silverware of all varieties 


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