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Barebones Living 10" Skillet and Crock Set
Barebones Living 10" Skillet and Crock Set
Barebones Living 10" Skillet and Crock Set
Barebones Living 10" Skillet and Crock Set
Barebones Living

Barebones Living 10" Skillet and Crock Set

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This cast iron skillet and crock kit comes complete with a locally mixed oil to season with as well as a stainless steel cleaning mesh, and a handmade serving wood trivet. Now you can immerse yourself in the full cast iron experience!


This 10” Cast Iron Skillet is complete with a comfortable grip handle and Barebones Cast Iron Crocks interchangeable lids.

Each piece of cast iron that Barebones produces is pre-seasoned with natural, in-season organic oils. By leaving the surface ever so raw and rugged, the oils are better absorbed, lasting longer and providing a better cooking surface from the very first use.

In the manufacturing process, Barebones adds a greater portion of steel than other cast iron makers, and each piece is better tempered to handle rapid temperature change without the cracking or breaking that typically occurs in more iron-dense products. This also allows their cast iron to be 15% lighter than similar cast iron products.

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10.55" x 17.85" x 1.90" 

Items included

One 10" Skillet

One 10" Lid

One 10" Crock

One Trivet

One Cleaning Mesh

One Tube of seasoning paste


Pre-seasoned cast iron

Wood trivet

Stainless steel cleaning mesh 


Unlike other cast iron, it isn’t necessary to wash or scrub Barebones cast iron before use - they don’t use any resins to cover imperfections or impurities.

Stainless steel mesh easily cleans cooked on foods while preserving the seasoning and flavor so important to cast iron cooking.

Make sure to dry the pan thoroughly after each use, followed by a light application of vegetable oil.

Do not put the pan in the dishwasher or soak in water.