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Dual Hexagon Shelf
Dual Hexagon Shelf
Dual Hexagon Shelf
Fernweh Woodworking

Dual Hexagon Shelf

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The dual hexagon hanging shelf is a beautiful art piece and an organization hack.



  • Total Width: 16 inches
  • Total Height: 12.5 inches
  • Minimum Depth: 3.5 inches
  • Maximum Depth: 5.5 inches 


American Walnut hardwood, which is naturally brown (no stain used) 

Because the shelf is made from real hardwood, the color and grain may vary from the photos 

Use & Care

The shelf can be easily hung in 2 separate ways, made extremely simple with keyholes cut in the back of the shelf. All that is needed for hanging is a screwdriver and two standard drywall screws. 

About the Brand

Hailing from Bend, Oregon, Justin Nelson created Fernweh Woodworking out of his love and connection with the nature around him. The mountains and forest areas in Oregon inspired his creativity and appreciation of woodworking. His passion for creating beautiful products from hardwoods is easily seen just by glancing around his studio space: experimental products lying on the workbench, neat vertical stacks of wood labeled by species and quality, and piles of half-finished lamps, shelves, and planters, all waiting for the next step in the process of hand-creation. 

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