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Jia Steamer Set
Jia Steamer Set
Jia Steamer Set
Jia Steamer Set
Jia Steamer Set
Jia Inc.

Jia Steamer Set

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Steam is the dream.

Easily cook your whole meal in this unique steamer set. You can use this set on open flame gas stoves, in conventional ovens and microwaves. No pots or pans necessary!


10 x 10 x 11 inches


Fireproof ceramic, cedar wood, terra cotta 

Use & Care

Steamer Pot

  • Do not heat the pot when it is empty
  • Dry the pot using a piece of dry cloth prior to use. When cooking over direct fire, use low to medium heat to prevent the pot from turning brown
  • Rinse immediately after use with richly colored food (such as curry, tomato sauce, etc.) to avoid staining
  • The fireproof ceramic is highly water-absorbent. Avoid submerging the unglazed portion in water for extended period of time. 

Induction steamer pot

  • Do not heat the pot empty to avoid permanent damage to the induction layer
  • Avoid overspill as burnt on residues can reduce the functionality of the induction layer
  • Do not scrub the surface with excessive force
  • Handle with care to prevent breakage or damage
  • Please prevent thermal shock from damaging the surface 

Steamer basket

  • When cleaning the steamer basket, avoid soaking for long periods 
  • The use of dishwasher is not recommended for the steamer basket

About the Brand

Jia means "Home" in Chinese. Steam and fire in the kitchen are the symbol of shared happiness in the home. JIA Inc. concentrates on creating moments of shared happiness when it designs and creates its brand of products. 


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