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Let’s Talk Turmeric


We’re already mid-way through January, so if you haven’t started those resolutions yet, let’s face it - they definitely won’t be resolved by end of year. Enter the New Year, REVOLUTION. Here at Tastemade, we’re all about health & wellness as a lifestyle - the ability and continued desire to nourish our body and soul without compromising good taste. If you think about the word “revolution” in a historical context, it’s an event that has made wide-reaching changes that have already or will affect the way something works. Revolutions almost always have long-term effects and, more often than not, the impact on society is positive and beneficial. So, we thought, why can’t this word be applied to what you put in your body, too? After all, the time is now to make a significant change that will impact you for the rest of your life.

This season, we’re in love with Moondeli blends, partly because they’re beautiful when swirled into nut milks, smoothies, or even just a glass of hot water. But, more importantly, because they’re ridiculously healthy and delicious at the same time. There’s one in particular we’re all excited about - the Golden Turmeric blend, which contains organic turmeric and ginger from India, organic cardamom from Guatemala, organic black pepper from Sri Lanka, and pink salt from Pakistan. For centuries, turmeric has been revered for its multitude of uses and benefits. This knobby orange root is often consumed in a ground form as an anti-inflammatory rhizome, an herbal skincare remedy, or fabric dye. And, if you’ve been to any trendy, new or up and coming coffee shop lately, you’ve seen that they have all hopped on this bright orange bandwagon called the turmeric latte train. With Moondeli’s Golden Turmeric blend, you can do so much more than adding this yellow powder into frothed milk with sweetener (although you can always do that, too).

You will feel like royalty on your way to work with a golden smoothie: simply blend together plain yogurt, a ripe banana, frozen mango chunks and 2 teaspoons of Moondeli’s Golden Turmeric. For lunch or dinner, prepare a healthy rice pilaf with brown rice, chopped onion, cumin, Moondeli Golden Turmeric, garlic, dried currants and toasted almonds. And, because we all know dessert never stops once the holidays are over, dust some Moondeli Golden Turmeric powder over your favorite dairy-free coconut ice cream with berries and dark chocolate chunks for a colorful sundae.

Who said healthy had to be green? Spice up your life in a yellow-orange way with this sweet, warming and ever-so-slightly bitter blend by Moondeli. The Golden Turmeric blend is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and digestive properties. It might just be a seasoning for some, an herbal remedy for others, but turmeric is in fact an agent of change that’s here to stay, and make a positive impact.